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Linen Spray | 4 oz Bottle

Linen Spray | 4 oz Bottle

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Freshen fabrics with non-toxic Linen Spray, crafted for comfort and peace of mind. 

    • Lavender: Unwind with this essential calming aroma.
    • Fresh Linen: Our #1 selling smell. A classic fresh laundry scent.
    • Morning Mist: Smells of crisp, sun-dried laundry and morning dew.

    A few spritzes from our Linen Spray can help create a calming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and better sleep. Plus, freshening between washes can fight bacteria naturally and reduce wear on your linens, extending their life.

    Finally, an ideal option for those with sensitivities or respiratory issues. Unlike most Linen Sprays, ours is free from harsh chemicals like phthalates, artificial dyes, formaldehyde and SLS/SLES. We use only the natural and high-purity ingredients, including:

    • Essential oils: Delivering a delightful scent derived from steam-distilled botanical extracts.
    • Prop 65-compliant fragrance oils: Ensuring every spritz is 100% free of the 624 carcinogens and 323 reproductive/developmental toxins listed under California's Prop 65 act.

    This means you and others can enjoy a fresh and inviting space without worrying about harmful ingredients.

    We do not recommend using products containing these oils around your pet bedding or on your pets. For a pet-safe spray try our Deodorizing Pet Spray


    Ethyl Alcohol (deodorizer)

    Charcoal Filtered Deionized Water (high purity water)

    Essential Oils and/or Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils that are GRAS safe (scent)

    Rustic Strength fragrance Oils are 100% certified free of the 624 carcinogens and 323 reproductive/ developmental toxins listed under California’s Prop 65

    Scent Ingredients


    Shake well before use.

    Hold upright & mist toward center of your space, at least an arm’s length away
    from objects.

    TIP: For a stronger scent, apply a few more spritzes. Be mindful of over-saturation,
    which can leave water marks.

    100% biodegradable.

    Close The Loop Program™

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    • $2.00 credit for every plastic 1-gallon bottle


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